summer of flies


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this summer was weird


released September 4, 2016



all rights reserved


CYBERBULLY Boston, Massachusetts

bleep bloops and blast beats

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Track Name: FLIES
i can taste the hate
cutit likea thick cake i can
feel the weight
you really let that shit bake

I can feel the vibe in every
step you take i can hear I in every
word you say it’s
sickening this
bickering you're
snickering im

and as i say goodbye you
step away and
have to play
nice once more
i just can’t deal
with your whole spiel

why not be helpful?
let others in
this constant flexing
is really wearing thin
you don’t even care to know bout the
people that you talk at’s day
don’t even care to show that you
know their name

i can taste the hate
cutit likea thick cake i can
feel the weight
you really let that shit bake

I can feel the vibe in every
step you take i can hear I in every
word you say it’s
sickening this
bickering you're
snickering im

damn it’s cloudy in here
where did you go?
lost in a sea of messes
fucking predictable
bottles congregating
filling up my little home
they don’t pay rent but hey
it helps me not feel so damn alone
time after time again
i get in line again at the corner store
with nothing good to eat but at
least i got my peachie os
day in day out again
i just get high again lay in bed so long
no energy to find
tryna hit the grind till i can’t no more

I see the emeralds in your eyes
all i wanna do is shine
alliwanna do is shine
i just wanna shine for you

When I look into the mirror
all I see is grime
idontwanna look this time
all I see is grime
Track Name: (=(~(re(-(wired(()
the look outside
familiar sky
abruptly falling
back into that
of what was me
can’t perceive
things the same now

it’s different
so distant
please tell me
why this
happens every
day it seems
never mean
to keep dwelling
old smiles haunt me

what could i say
i can’t be brave
accept my fate
some ties refuse to break
i’m getting tired
of fueling fire
these thoughts expired
at least a year ago

i can’t be brave
accept my fate
i can’t be brave
accept my fate
the love i gave
don’t carry weight
the love i gave
don’t carry any weight
don’t mean a damn thing

I’m dyin in here this
fire in here this
suffocating cloud
of fear is
choking me it’s
broken me
hands tied brain fried
can’t be rewired
i can’t be rewired
i can’t be rewired
Track Name: -shut_in-
if i had a list of things i managed to forget
i couldn’t hide between the lines
there’s simply too much shit
paper full of black running out of ink
this list is growing too damn fast
i need some time to think

and when i get to thinking
my confidence starts shrinking
how can you pass aloofness off to
simply being busy?
we all got lives and no time
but other people seem to keep in
touch just fine so

where you at?
are you alright?
in the moment my excuses feel airtight
but upon closer inspection I see in my reflection a
human being with no real recollection of the

the facts at hand
that thing you feel like you uphold when things get bad
but really who’s there for who?
what the fuck do you do?
sit around avoiding everything
it’s bound to catch up soon
I’m losing touch

fold out couch is my new home
always seem to be alone
laying silently
this is all on me

just like that another day
accidentally slept away
all these memories
i’m not making

burning bridges ain’t the term
but i can’t ever return
all the love i get
conscious is in debt

god i really hate to see
bridges fall into the creek
sinking silently
never to be seen

shut in life
i won’t lie I’m
hiding from you all
missed your call

turn the lights off
keep the sheets on the
window I’m afraid
just afraid
Track Name: [mndrownng]
not much to say
just feelin some kinda way
these days keep passing by but
somehow manage to feel the same
can’t shake monotony it’s
ridin on top of me stoppin me
from makin leaps and bounds in life
like i ought to be all the

hypocrisy, is really
getting me down
if i practiced what i preached maybe id
finally get round to droppin
off this old baggage I
still have around
thought i lost it months ago
but it was safe and sound

much to my dismay
but who cares anyway
I’m just another stupid kid who
really thought they had it made
who really thought that if you said
everything was a-ok your
heart and mind would take the time to
make peace and stay that way

but here i am in bed again
just listen to the kick again
maybe if the song sounds nice these
thoughts will get out of my head
it’s never really worked before
but i don’t believe in precedents
at least not to the extent that I
won’t try again

I walk home with a slouch
I stare straight at the ground
Your eyes make my heart pound
my mind feels like it drowned
Track Name: BOIL
when you go to clear off
the stovetop and a
kettle’s in your way
always beware
though it’s just sitting there
it can burn you to the core

foundation’s cracking
underneath a looming fear
that things aren’t what they seem
even those who shout may bite the ear
even those who stand up tall may
slouch and go against it all and
yet still claim that they remain
a friendly hand to hold

my palm is burning
my skin slowly turning
to the color of the flame
you always hid to pass the blame
but right whens things started getting hot
you couldn’t lift that damn teapot
the kettle’s bout to boil and
you just can’t seem to make it stop

now I’m not here to claim I
know a single thing bout fearing for my
safety on the daily but i fail to see how you can
gleam with pride
shit grin mile wide
telling everyone it’s safe to speak
to me you should confide
you’re unsafe
this place ain't safe

oh look what a surprise
you made this about you
i know the scene’s your thing and all
but did the situation call for
boasting bout your space?
or your superb human grace?
took a picture of a sinking ship
and cashed it in for an ego trip

but that ain’t even the worst of it
cause now they feel impervious
to any second guessing of their
actions or words again purge again
you don’t really think you could never hurt again?
well ponder hard cause chances are
you already did

you can’t hide water that’s bout to boil
and if you try prepare to boil cause
if you bathe in water that boils
there’s turning back

screeching louder
I just cower
Suddenly confronted with my
focus fading
thoughts derailing
i don’t know this person in my

almost crying
I’m denying
things that have been said and done but
never in a
million years did
I see shit like this coming from

guess it goes to
show that picking
people ain’t as easy as you
think cause secrets
crawl their way through
fields of lies to stay that way but

stoves on
you’re gone
house is
down to the ground

out for help

can’t justify
can’t look at those eyes
ever the same again