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Doors are closing
Walls are rising

Doors are closing
oh they’re all locked up
Walls are rising
things are getting rough
Faces fading
thought i knew you still
All degrading
faster than I thought

Nails are driving
it’s been sealed shut
useless prying
just can’t seem to stop
Always numbing
senses to the ground
isn’t in the cards

The last bastion of my mental health once a
stronghold of security is crumbling down and as I
look across this barren land I see the remains of better
times that now only haunt my brain
[meanwhile] I continue to stare at the past
moving forward’s not something that ever happens fast
why are the death mechanics of real life so lame
why can’t I just lose a life and restart the game?but
that’s not how it works
in purgatory you’ll stay till you
figure this shit out or you pass away
we act like we don’t have time
to keep up with our own minds
I guess if your ok with dogs
pulling the leash that’s fine
and lately I’m no better
I’m being dragged and battered
the pavement hurts so much
but getting up takes too much effort
I don’t have the drive
to make things better
so I wallow in mental waste
hoping that things will change
suddenly you’ll feel great
ain’t that how it happens?
all your problems are erased just like
You’ll feel fine in no time
Just go outside
see a show, out the door
it’s go time
Control yourself
You’re overreacting
Can’t you see how your acting?
I don’t know you

What’s that bout being stuck you say?
You want out well please step right this way
Just know you asked for this, this is what you wanted
so here’s a shortcut straight to the bottom

Falling like a lead balloon
Communication breaking down
You’re time is gonna come they said
but I didn’t think that time was now
cheap references aside
I can’t control my mind
all this drama’s building up inside
and every time I try to comprehend what’s
going on I flounder

Why does it have to end so poorly?
Why do you have to ignore me?
All this time I thought that this would die slowly
but it’s my own fault for having
however never as a kid did I
reset before saving
cause it seems counterintuitive
to make it weirder than it is
common sense is hard to find
in situations like this
but the lack thereof has never thrown me
down so hard
wish that I’d known but
hindsight’s 20/20 brah


from ABY​?​?​?, released April 11, 2016



all rights reserved


CYBERBULLY Boston, Massachusetts

bleep bloops and blast beats

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